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The SlipStone®™ Product

SlipStone®™ is rapidly generating interest throughout the US. SlipStone Global, LLC has developed a proprietary method of building designed enhanced walls using a slip forming method. The alternatives of building similar architectural walls would be to use pre-cast walls, cast-in-place walls, or hand build block walls. Our technology can be used in a wide range of concrete construction, including but not limited to:

  • Subdivision Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Waterside Balk Heads
  • Architectural Curbing
  • Bridge Parapets
  • Highway Barrier Railing

We believe the market at this point is Federal & State Department of Transportation, with an eye toward highway sound barriers, crash barriers, and Bridge Parapets. No longer will engineers and architects be limited by the cost of formed walls with form liners. The Federal and State Departments of Transportations (as well as the tax payer) save over the life of the wall from landscaping fees, maintenance, and labor upkeep seen on traditional architectural beautification used today.

The SlipStone®™ Process

SlipStone®™ slip-form extrusion followed by relief imprint and coloring make it possible to form concrete walls with an endless array of patterns, textures, graphics, frescos, murals, reliefs, and logos – front, back, and top if desired– in virtually any environmentally-friendly application and color all with one pass of machine and crew.

Once a project has been identified, SlipStone Global, LLC will assist the contractor with:

  • Verification of technical and practical feasibility
  • Selection of design options including off-the-shelf and architect specified designs
  • Confirmation of specifications and drawings
  • Quotation of costs and project time table

Once a project is awarded, SlipStone Global, LLC will provide the contractor with:

  • The SlipStone®™ produced imprint mat
  • The SlipStone®™ produced roller applicator
  • On-site training and technical assistance for roller mounting and design imprintation

Once a project is near extrusion, SlipStone Global, LLC will advise about:

  • Preferred slump and fibers for the concrete mixture
  • >
  • Colors, stains, and cures
  • Coloring methods, templates, and techniques

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