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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not on the list, please contact us.

Who will do the construction of the SlipStone®™ Extruded Wall System?

SlipStone Global, LLC has an approved list of affiliated contractors. However; based on our per job package program – Slipstone Global, LLC representatives will train and perform on-site consultations with any contractor to ensure quality control and the integrity of the SlipStone®™ Extruded Wall System.

How far will SlipStone Global, LLC travel to perform the consultation and onsite training SlipStone®™ Extruded Wall System?

SlipStone Global, LLC is a global company. To date, SlipStone Global, LLC has completed projects from coast to coast in the US, Canada, and France. Out-of-town work is an accepted practice SlipStone Global, LLC

Will SlipStone Global, LLC work as a sub-contractor?

Yes, SlipStone Global, LLC will construct SlipStone®™ Extruded Wall System as a sub-contractor to any approved affiliate contractor where necessary. SlipStone Global, LLC will use A&S Construction, Inc. dependent upon the territory/location of a specific project.

Is there a minimum quantity of wall required?

No. Keep in mind that there are per day training cost associated with any consultation - included in the price of any quantity project.

Can the pattern on the wall be customized?

Yes, the pattern on the SlipStone®™ Extruded Wall System can be fully customized to the owner's specific application.

Does SlipStone Global, LLC own exclusive rights to the technology?

Yes, the technology is patented and has a registered trademark.

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