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Our History

Mike Allen Sr., Inventor, learned the concrete trade under the guidance of his uncle, James R. Miller. After many years working for various companies, Mike Allen Sr. established a company of his own, Allen & Sons Construction, Inc. in 1979. Today, his legacy continues on through the second generation of Allen's. Michael S. and Penny Allen now run A&S Construction, Inc. as well as executing their respective roles with SlipStone Global, LLC. A&S Construction, Inc. draws on the strong heritage of quality, stability, and innovative leadership in the marketplace - completing the majority of their work in commercial concrete. Penny Allen is President and General Operations Manager while Michael Allen is Vice-President and General Superintendant for SlipStone Global, LLC.

As the industry has changed over the past 30 years, owners and architects have sought out different techniques and finishes for decorative walls. The traditional methods of decorative walls had also proven to be to labor intensive and time consuming to complete. With this in mind, Mike began investing in research and development for a system that could impress any design onto all visible sides of a slip formed wall. In May 2001, Mike developed the solution a textured mold wrapped around a roller that was attached to one of his Gomaco machines. SlipStone Global, LLC was born!

After completing a few local projects, SlipStone Global, LLC was contacted by the Department of Transportation. This budding relationship allowed the opportunity for research and testing by CA DOT. As a result, a Federal concurrence to the CA DOT findings supporting textured barrier walls was received from the Federal Department of Transportation in Washington, DC. SlipStone Global, LLC has a system that meets all DOT standards and has completed many projects for CA DOT, as well as other state DOT's since. Please see the newsroom for projects, and articles.

SlipStone, Inc. and SlipStone Global, LLC are registered trademarks and SlipStone, Inc. owns the US patent, along with patents in Canada, the EU, Japan, Australia, Germany, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, and many other countries. For Patents numbers, please see the Affiliate Page of our website.

Whether a new product or service, a more efficient way to solve a problem, or an innovative approach to customer needs, SlipStone Global, LLC. is committed to delivering results to improve the concrete construction industry.

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