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SlipStone Global, LLC - In The News

Changing the face of Concrete Median Barriers, Retaining Walls and Other Architectural Concrete Barriers… (Posted: 2007-07-30)
What started as an idea seven years ago to mechanize the placement of concrete median barriers that are aesthetically pleasing, has grown into SlipStone, Inc., a company with approved patents or patents pending in 13 countries… Read More

Nova Award Nomination - SlipStone Extruded Pattern Wall System (Posted: 2006-12-18)
Over the past 20 years, owners and architects have sought out different techniques and finishes for decorative walls. However, the high costs were always a factor, and traditional methods of decorative walls were too labor intensive and time consuming.. Read More

Leaving A Lasting Impression - California Builder & Engineer Magazine (Posted: 2002-07-26)
Allen & Sons Construction Inc., in French Camp, California, have developed the patented SlipStone Extruded Wall system capable of impressing a pattern into all three sides of a slipformed wall Read More

SlipStone Extruded Wall System (Posted: 2001-12-31)
Architectural finishes have always been a factor in commercial and public work projects. As the industry has changed, owners and architects have sought out different techniques and finishes... Read More

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